Determining the Best Physical Therapy Treatment For You



From the Healing Bridge Physical Therapy

Summer 2001 Newsletter

How does your physical therapist decide what treatments to provide to meet your needs? At Healing Bridge Physical Therapy we use 3 pillars of knowledge to determine your care. These pillars include:

The education provided by professional training programs,

A growing body of information contained in scientific journals, and

Direct clinical experience of the therapist, and information taught in training courses to therapists that draw on years of accumulated clinical expertise.

These three pillars support a current concept in physical therapy that is known as “evidence-based practice.”

When applied at Healing Bridge PT, evidence-based practice means your therapist is drawing on information from many different sources to provide you with the best treatments possible to help you recover from illness, injury or disability. This process begins with a thorough examination and evaluation, during which your therapist takes a detailed history and gathers specific measurements and performs tests. At the completion of the examination, the therapist will take all information and, with your assistance, create a plan of care that will most directly help you meet your goals for therapy.

Healing Bridge PT is a holistic therapy clinic, and we are proud of the quality and scope of services we provide. Our framework of complementary methods (including The Feldenkrais Method , aquatic therapy, Watsu , and hand’s-on techniques such as myofacial release and CranioSacral therapy) illustrate the specialized skills our therapists have studied to support your healing process.

In addition to the complementary approaches offered at Healing Bridge PT, we also provide individualized care using conventional methods that are well supported in the scientific research and medical community. Each of our therapists pursues a number of continuing education hours annually to keep up with the most recent developments in traditional physical therapy practice. In addition, Allison is licensed in the state of Oregon to treat you without physician referral.

So how does this information affect you? As a current, former, or potential client of Healing Bridge PT, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that in addition to providing the individualized quality care you have come to expect from us, we’re actively implementing the latest innovations in the practice of physical therapy and applying the concept of evidence-based practice. This is to ensure your treatments are always appropriate, up to date, and designed to give you the greatest benefit for your budget and time-frame. We expect to help improve your quality of life, so you can return to doing the activities you love without pain or difficulty.

If you ever have questions about the treatments you receive at Healing Bridge PT, please ask! We love to share our enthusiasm and knowledge.

“A Cheerful heart is good medicine”